Kronan Throwdown Mixed Edition – 2021 2021-07-15T20:56:50+00:00

Kronan Mixed Edition 25-26 september 2021 in the ultimate competition box – Kronan CrossFit i Malmö

This competition is for you who wants to compete in team of 2 (girl/guy) in a guaranteed great and unique competition experience, with well thought through events, intense crowd, a very experienced organizer and possibility to win prizemoney.

Regular teams compete Saturday 25 sep. The level is newcomers with direction towards intermediate. No “RX Athletes” should compete and we use ranking from the CrossFit Open in 2019-2020 to eventually deny access to the regular class. Masters teams compete Sunday 226th sep. All masters classes are open for those who match the age.

All competitions will have a updated list of weights and movements before we release the spots.

It’s very easy to take the train from Copenhagen Airport to our Box/Venue. It takes only 20 minutes.







MASTER (40+)


MASTER (45+)


MASTER (50+)



Kronan Throwdown Series is a professionally organized Swedish competitions-series with payed judges and crew.

All events will be challenging but there will not anything you have not tried before. The events will not always be based on raw strength. You will need to be smart and use teamwork to win.

The following standards is not necessarily the excercises and repititions that will be featured in the competition. They are just guidelines to what you as a team need to be able to handle. If you are set on winning the competition you will need to be able to handle heavier weights.

  Regular class  
Clean 65 kg 50 kg    
Snatch 50 kg 35 kg    
Deadlift 90 kg 65 kg    
STOH 65 kg 50 kg    
Thrusters 55 kg 40 kg    
Front squat 65 kg 50 kg    
OHS 50 kg 35 kg    
Dummbell snatch 22,5 kg 15 kg    
Dummbell  OHS 22,5 kg 15 kg    
Dummbell OH Lunges 22,5 kg 15 kg    
KB SDHP 32 kg 24 kg    
KB Thruster 24 kg 16 kg    
KB Snatch 24kg 16 kg    
Double unders 15 10    
T2B 7 5    
Pull up 7 5    
Atleast one of the team members should be able to perform at least a few repetitions of:
Rope climb        
Pistol squat        
Chest to bar pull ups        


  35+ 40+ 45+ 50+
Clean 65/50kg 65/50kg 55/40kg 55/40kg
Snatch 50/35kg 50/35kg 45/30kg 45/30kg
Deadlift 90/65kg 90/65kg 85/60kg 85/60kg
STOH 65/50kg 65/50kg 60/45kg 55/40kg
Thrusters 55/40kg 55/40kg 50/35kg 50/35kg
Front squat 65/50kg 65/50kg 60/40kg 60/40kg
OHS 50/35kg 50/35kg 45/30kg 45/30kg
Dummbell snatch 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg
Dummbell OHS 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg
Dummbell OH lunges 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg 22.5/15kg
KB SDHP 32/24kg 32/24kg 24/16kg 24/16kg
KB Thruster 24/16kg 24/16kg 20/12kg 20/12kg
KB Snatch 24/16kg 24/16kg 20/12kg 20/12kg
Double unders 15/10 15/10 10/7 10/7
T2B 7/5 7/5 7/5 7/5
Atleast one of the team members should be able to perform at least a few repetitions of:
Rope climb
Chest to bar pullups