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Kronan Throwdown RX 2-days competition!

3-4 September

Finally! The wait has been long, but now it’s time to present our RX competition!

Classes individually:
Female individual
Male individual

The RX class will compete through out the hole weekend.
…… to the winner of RX!
……….. to 2nd place in RX!
………… to 3rd place in RX!

Also in the same wekend, we will have a intermediate competition for teams.

Team of 2, Male/Male
Team of 2 Female/Female
Team of 2 Mix

The intermediate teams will also compete through out the hole weekend.

…… to the winner of Intermediate!
……….. to 2nd place in Intermediate!
………… to 3rd place in Intermediate!


Will be announced.

Eleiko T-shirt for all athletes, value 295 sek.
Professional photos from our photographer.

We guarantee a unique competition, well planned events, intense athmosphere and a very experienced organizer of competitions.
For standards & more information visit our standars page.

Don’t forget to be hones with yourself, with your competitors and with us as organizers. If you sign up for a class that is too low, it will not be fun or challenging for you. We also reserve the right to move athletes to the class we belive they belong to.

If you are unsure of which class you belong to, we recommend that you challenge yourself and register for the higher class.

We reserve the right to use all images taken by us in the competition. This can be used for marketing on our social media.

Any profit tax is paid by the winners.
No registration fees are refunded in case on injury.

Participation is at your own risk.
For questions,












Kronan Throwdown Series is a professionally organized Swedish competitions-series with payed judges and crew.

All events will be challenging but there will not anything you have not tried before. The events will not always be based on raw strength. You will need to be smart and use teamwork to win.

The following standards is not necessarily the excercises and repititions that will be featured in the competition. They are just guidelines to what you as a team need to be able to handle. If you are set on winning the competition you will need to be able to handle heavier weights.