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Kronan First Timers & Standard 27th and 28th of November 2021 in the ultimate Competition Box – Kronan CrossFit in Malmö

Pandemic & catastrophe insurance is currently offered to all teams & athletes.

In case of a global pandemic or a catastrophic event in Sweden, in which the Swedish authorities prohibit the completion of the event – you can get a full refund. The claim must be sent to us by email at least 4 weeks within the competition start. This applies regardless of whether the competition is moved or canceled.

By registration the insurance is optional and cost only 90 Sek

This competition is for you who want to compete in teams of 2 (same gender) and are at beginner level. The competition is adapted for athletes who have competed a maximum of 1-4 times before. This competition is specially for you who are looking for a introduction to CrossFit competition.

We guarantee a unique competition experience, well planned events, intense atmosphere. Sweden’s best competition box and a very experienced organizer of competitions.

The registrations fee includes:

1 Eleiko Athlete t-shirt with competition logo for each athlete, value 295 Sek.

Opportunity to win:

  • Prize money for each winning team.
  • Prices from our sponsors to the podium places.


All Female events are on saturday the 27th of November 2021.
All Male events are on sunday 28th November 2021.

If you have any questions regarding the competition, just send a email to

Note! We reserve the right to use all images taken by us at the competition. The pictures can be used for marketing and on our social media.








Kronan Throwdown Series is a professionally organized Swedish competitions-series with payed judges and crew.

All events will be challenging but there will not anything you have not tried before. The events will not always be based on raw strength. You will need to be smart and use teamwork to win.

The following standards is not necessarily the excercises and repititions that will be featured in the competition. They are just guidelines to what you as a team need to be able to handle. If you are set on winning the competition you will need to be able to handle heavier weights.

Deadlift 70 kg 50 kg
Thrusters 35 kg 25 kg
Overhead squat 35 kg 25kg
Clean 45 kg 30 kg
Snatch 35 kg 25 kg
Overhead lunges 20 kg 10 kg
Shoulder to overhead 45 kg 30 kg
KB Goblet squat 20 kg 12 kg
KB Snatch 20 kg 12 kg
Dummbell snatch 22,5 kg 15 kg
Dummbell Thruster 22,5 kg 15 kg
Dummbell clean n jerk 22,5 kg 15 kg
Dummbell OH lunges 22,5 kg 15 kg
Box jumps 60 cm 50 cm
KB step ups 16 kg 12 kg
Step-overs 60 cm 50 cm
Wall Balls Yes Yes
Single unders Yes Yes
Toes to bar Yes Yes
Burpee Yes Yes


  First Timers 
Deadlift 60 kg 45 kg
Thrusters 32,5 kg 20 kg
Overhead squat 32,5 kg 20 kg
Clean 45 kg 30 kg
Snatch 32,5 kg 20 kg
Overhead lunges 20 kg 10 kg
Shoulder to overhead 45 kg 30 kg
KB Goblet squat 20 kg 12 kg
KB Snatch 20 kg 12kg
Step-ups 60 cm 50 cm
Wall Balls YES YES
Single unders YES YES
K2E  (knee raises) YES YES
Burpees YES YES