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Kronan Throwdown Series 2020 is a professionally organized Swedish competitions-series with payed judges and crew.

All events will be challenging but there will not anything you have not tried before. The events will not always be based on raw strength. You will need to be smart and use teamwork to win.

The following standards is not necessarily the excercises and repititions that will be featured in the competition. They are just guidelines to what you as a team need to be able to handle. If you are set on winning the competition you will need to be able to handle heavier weights.

Marklyft 60 kg 45 kg
Thrusters 32,5 kg 20 kg
Overhead squat 32,5 kg 20 kg
Clean 45 kg 30 kg
Snatch 32,5 kg 20 kg
Overhead utfall 20 kg 10 kg
Shoulder to overhead 45 kg 30 kg
KB Goblet squat 20 kg 12 kg
KB Snatch 20 kg 12kg
Step-ups 60 cm 50 cm
Wall Balls YES YES
Single unders YES YES
K2E  (knee raises) YES YES
Burpees YES YES
In the finals both athletes must be prepared for heavier weights and more difficult gymnastics.