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2-3 APR

28 MAY

3-4 SEP

29-30 OKT

Kronan Throwdown

Kronan Throwdown Series is a professionally organized Swedish competitions-series for both newcomers, intermediate, RX and masters athletes. With 5 years of experience within competitions organizations, events and with more than 2000 athletes, our constant goal is to offer a unique and well-planned competition experience for all athletes.

Masters classes are for everyone who match the age criteria.

There are many different competitions to choose from. We are sure you will find a competition and class that will match your skill level and give you a great experience. 

For more details on a particular events, choose one from the menu. If you are interested in our standards please have a look in our Competition Standards.

We welcome you to our venue in Malmö and hope you will join us. 

For any questions please reach out to us on Facebook or by mail